We are reinventing street food... one stall at a time.

Japanese street food
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We are transforming the street food space using technology, branding & product standardization

choose from our amazing brands and become an owner of a branded street food kiosk. Earn UP To 60% returns YoY!

First of its kind technology for street Food KIOSKS

Using our technology, street food kiosks can boost their monthly earnings by nearly 70%!

  • Token based order management
  • Manage 2x bigger crowds
  • Realtime ETA for superior CSAT
  • Accept any form of payment
  • Virtual POS
  • Zero Revenue Leakages
  • Seamless Ordering Experience
  • Realtime inventory status to avoid disappointments
  • Zero Revenue Leakages

Automated Queue Management

Digital Payments

Superior Customer Experience

How it works

Lined Geometric Tusok Tusok
Canva QR Code
Person Using Phone
Canva QR Code


Customer scans the QR code on the kiosk using a mobile phone


Select the menu items


Checkout & Choose Payment Type


Choose Payment Mode & Pay

Green Check Mark


Order Confirmation with Token Number

Our brands

We created a host of food brands after a tremendous amount of research. We picked the most in-demand dishes/cuisines and developed super-tasty recipes. Each dish goes through hundreds of user trials before getting finalized.

Andhra Kebabs & Biryanis

Chinese Street Food

Veg Grill - Soya Chaap & more

What our partners say about us

Comillas Negras

I am a full-time working IT professional. I always wanted to start something in the food space. But I was always scared because of high investment and involvement required. Gastronomix gave me a perfect platform to achieve my dream.

- Paramanad Choubey

Nippu Kodi

Comillas Negras

Gastronomix's micro-franchise model is amazing! With the lowest investment, I am able to earn 50% returns yearly. They took care of everything from space finding, setup & staffing. It was a breeze to work with these guys!

- Hazrat Ali

Nippu Kodi

Comillas Negras

I am a housewife who always wanted to create a side income for my family. I found Gastronomix's franchise model to be perfect for me. Today I am a proud owner of a food joint which generates an additional income for my family with zero hassle.

- Priyanka Gowda

El Chaapo

Person Cooking in a Food Stall

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